Born from a father’s quest to solve his daughters type I diabetes with amazing results coupled with a company focused on disruption… 


Founded on “It's time to disrupt your diabetes!  Let us show you how.” our purpose is to be a place where passionate people come together to solve problems and improve lives for those who suffer from diabetes.  After all, our work isn’t work its love made visible. 


From patients to caregivers and the medical community, we will collectively grow an ecosystem that delivers a beneficial community with long-lasting memorable experiences resulting in helping diabetics finding their happy :)

Trina Gilbert
Trina Health - The Story

At the age of 2, Trina, was diagnosed with Type I diabetes which took her life from normal to constant fatigue, frequent seizures, and rapid degradation of overall health.  During this time, her father, G. Ford Gilbert, JD, PhD felt helpless as Trina began spending her days in and out of hospitals.

It was at that moment that he decided to give up his law practice and enroll in medical school.  Coupled with his faith Mr. Gilbert set out to find a solution.  After 27 years of development, 16 successful clinical trials, 53 publications, and FDA approval the Trina Health Artificial Pancreas Treatment® was born. 

During that time Trina began treatment at the age of 5.  Within a month her pale skin became pink again, her seizures stopped, and her playful spirit was restored.  It had been determined, if left untreated, Trina’s chances of having children were doubtful.  Today, at 34 years old, Trina has 5 healthy children and is enjoying a normal life.