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Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

Though diabetes and erectile dysfunction are very different conditions, they have a cyclical cause and effect relationship. ED refers to a difficulty of achieving or maintaining an erection, and in men afflicted with diabetes; they are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction.

The most common connection made in ED patients is age. While ED does become a more prevalent affliction as men age, it isn’t an inevitable outcome of male aging. Many conditions including diabetes can contribute and exacerbate the circumstances leading to ED.

What causes ED in Diabetic Patients?

The correlation between ED and the diabetic condition has to do with bodily circulation and the nervous system. Poor blood glucose control can cause damage to blood vessels and nerves. The ability to obtain or maintain an erection is heavily dependent on proper circulation and damage or reduction of blood flow to vessels can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Preventing Erectile Dysfunction through Diabetes Control

Through lifestyle changes and dietary adaptations, you can not only help with a diabetic condition, but the risks of ED can be lessened. Eating a diabetic friendly diet can help to control blood sugar levels and lessen the amount of damage that is incurred to blood vessels and nerves. Changing your eating habits and keeping glucose levels in check can additionally improve energy and mood, two secondary contributors to ED.

Maintaining a diabetic fitness regimen can additionally help blood sugar control. Engaging in light to moderate physical activity helps to increase insulin sensitivity while additionally improving circulation, lowering stress, and increasing energy, all of which assist in the defense against erectile dysfunction.

Cutting back on alcohol consumption and smoking also help with both diabetes and ED. Having more than two alcoholic beverages per day impairs blood vessels. Being at a level of even mild intoxication can make it difficult to achieve an erection and interferes with overall sexual function. Smoking narrows the blood vessels and lowers levels of nitric oxide in the blood. This causes the blood flow to the genitals to decrease as a result, worsening ED.

Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that lasts throughout a patient’s life after diagnosis. ED, however, can become a permanent affliction but is ordinarily temporary in men that experience erectile difficulties. Patients with diabetes can overcome ED through lifestyle changes including stress reduction, diet, no smoking, and an adequate amount of sleep on a regular schedule.

For more information on the relationship between diabetes and erectile dysfunction contact Trina Health of South Florida. Our physicians are experienced in the treatment of ED in diabetic patients and understand how unfortunate a situation it can be. Overcoming ED is no less possible than diabetes control with a quality treatment plan and the intervention of knowledgeable and experienced physicians.