We are going to answer some of the questions and concerns you may have about the disorder to help clear and make this disorder simpler to understand and deal with it.

How important is a lifestyle in the management of diabetes

A Healthy lifestyle is essential for your daily life and for the patients who are suffering from diabetes maintaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary for the control and managing of diabetes. For diabetes patients for making a healthy lifestyles includes eating of choices and active lifestyle that consists of some amount of walking, running and exercise. If you do not follow the proper diet and activities, it leads to server complications to be faced.

Is it necessary to follow the diet plan?

A diet plan is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is always beneficial to follow a diet plan so that all the nutritional requirements. Many of the times you can miss your diet few essential nutrients in our daily routine, and also you can lose your weight to maintain blood sugar levels and a correct diet plan by a dietitian would help in achieving these targets.

Are sweets to be avoided entirely?

Sweets are the rich sources of simple carbohydrates as well as fat considers and they may increase the risk for cardiac diseases avoid the sweets Completely. You can eat Other options like milk based sweets with a small amount of sugar-free by only advised patients whose blood sugars are under control.

What type of food recommended for diabetes?

Diabetic diet has to be low in sugar, saturated fat and high in fibre. More of the carbohydrate must be given as complex starches as they break down to release glucose in the blood. The fibre in complex carbohydrates like vegetables, whole grains and glucose absorption. One should emphasise more on the high fibre foods such as pulses, vegetables and fruits.

How can diabetes be prevented?

Type 1 diabetes does not have a choice to prevent diabetes. It is not easy to avoid the Type 2 diabetes, but you can improve the sugar levels by following a proper lifestyle includes exercises, healthy diet and regular physical activities.

Which are the standard medical tests performed for diagnosis of diabetes?

The most common tests are:
  • GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test)
  • FBG (Fasting Blood Glucose)
  • PPBG (Post Prandial Blood Glucose)
  • HbA1c (Glycated Haemoglobin levels)

Which are the typical symptoms of diabetes?

The Most familiar symptoms of diabetes
  • Frequent thirst
  • Weight loss
  • Blurred vision
  • Sores that do not heal
  • Increased hunger
  • Frequent fatigue
  • Increased urination

I’m healthy or can be a pre-diabetic?

India has the diabetes patients of more than 72.2 Million pre-diabetic causes of both diagnosed and undiagnosed. Pre-diabetes have blood sugar level is higher than average but not yet high enough to be classified as type 2 diabetes.