In patients with diabetes, healing is significantly slowed down, increasing the risk for infections.

High blood glucose overtime, leads to poor blood circulation (peripheral vascular disease). The resulting decrease in blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to the injured area, as well as the decreased protective sensation of pain, temperature and touch caused by diabetes nerve damage, have the potential to make diabetes sufferers more vulnerable to injury.

Injuries in diabetic patients can remain unhealed for months. Even then, some injuries do not heal fully. This promotes an increased risk of complications and infections. If, for example, the foot of a diabetic patient is injured and does not heal properly, the condition can worsen and even lead to amputation.

Understandably, many patients are concerned by the risks associated with having diabetes. It is important to remember that the state of health of the patient during the time of injury and throughout the healing process can have a huge effect on the outcome.

Preventative measures (like a nutritious diet and a consistent exercise plan) necessary for wound healing, may aid in the regulation of blood glucose levels and supply the body with essential nutrients.

Wounds and Diabetes

In order to help you keep an eye out for non-healing wounds and their complications, our professionals recommend the following:

  • Be aware of your body at all times
  • Regularly check for open wounds
  • Be mindful of pressure points
  • Keep a lookout for signs of infection
  • If a wound does not heal or worsens, seek medical attention

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