Improve your quality of life with the only FDA approved infusion device that slows, halts, and/or reverses, in most cases, the chronic complications associated with type I and II diabetes.

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Our handheld device allows you to move freely throughout your treatment.  Walk outside, gain new friends, watch a movie, solve a puzzle, or catch up on your sleep with a warm blanket – it’s more than just a treatment it’s a comfortable community with memorable experiences.


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Initial Consultation
  1. Capture vital signs
  2. Identify glucose level
  3. Review medications
  4. Assess overall condition
  5. Review treatment
  6. Begin treatment or set appointment
  1. Prep – capture vitals, identify glucose level, review records, assess current condition, establish IV, perform metabolic measurement, pump set/started
  2. 3 Sessions – pump administers 10 pulses over one 1 hour followed by 40 minutes of rest to stabilize glucose levels, perform metabolic measurement, and adjust insulin and glucose amounts if necessary.
    • Oral carbohydrates are given throughout sessions to maintain blood glucose levels and metabolic measurement.
    • Glucose levels are taken approximately in 30 minute intervals or more frequently as medically indicated in patients with tendency for hypoglycemia.
  3. Upon completion, an evaluation takes place with discharge once stable.

Total investment – 3.5 to 4 hours per treatment