Diabetes Treatments

The Diabetes can be caused by a failure of the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin or by the body's resistance to the action of insulin. There are different types of diabetes, and diabetes treatment is to maintain the blood sugar level close to the normal range, and keeping of an average sugar level help you to reduce the risks for chronic complications of the kidney, eye, nerve and foot.

Lifestyle – diet and exercise, Medication , Self-monitoring of glucose

Type 1 diabetic occurs due to stopped insulin production that requires amounts of insulin is the cure for the treatment of diabetes. Insulin is the protein that gets degraded due to the pain in our stomach.

There are different kinds of insulins depending on their body actions such as rapid-acting,slow-acting, and moderate-acting insulin or their type of delivery device such as syringes, pens, insulin pumps etc.

Your physician takes urine and blood samples and tests both samples for high blood sugar levels. Insulin cannot usually take who are affected with Type 1 diabetes have to receive the daily insulin injections. Your doctor will teach, how to give yourself the necessary insulin injections.
  • Ensure the regular monitoring of glucose levels throughout the day at least four or more times.
  • Maintain a balanced diet was spreading the carbohydrate intake throughout the day.
  • Regular physical activity with an eye on how the blood sugars respond to exercise, to avoid hyperglycaemia.
  • Getting examined for the complications of the eye, kidney and, heart, nerve diseases and dental problems.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.


When a person diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, they should maintain the sugar levels to normal and also manage the complications of the eye, kidney, nerve and heart, which may already be present in some people.

Some people who are affected with Type 2 diabetes can control the condition through diet and exercise. Others may require an oral hypoglycemic medication to stimulate the production of insulin.

For either type of diabetes, a diet of complex carbohydrates brown rice and whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and dairy products.

Regular exercise is also a necessity for people with diabetes. Because obesity exacerbates diabetes, overweight individuals are advised to regulate their weight through a healthy regimen of low-fat foods and Regular physical activity.

There are different options when the lifestyle measures are unable to control the blood sugar levels advised by the doctor are Lifestyle modification + anti-diabetic pill, Lifestyle modification + more than one of a same anti-diabetic Pill, Lifestyle modification + two or more types of anti-diabetic Pill, and Lifestyle modification + anti-diabetic Pills + insulin injection.


Gestational diabetes can successfully manage by regular physical activity and follow the diets as suggested by the doctor. Some women can also require the medical management for effective blood sugar control for effective blood sugar control.